Monday, March 14, 2011

My life IS a Miracle

I'm sure if we all knew each other's deep dark life stories, we'd be surprised, even baffled, at the strength that we each possess. My stories, like yours, might be shocking, they might make you gasp, cringe or even cry, and after hearing my stories you would look at me differently, think of me differently, maybe even speak of me differently. The fact that I am where I am now, living in this house, working the jobs I've always wanted, with a beautiful baby boy and the kind of husband I always prayed for, IS a miracle. God does bless those with the strength they need to endure their trials.... if we ask him.

I've been thinking about starting this blog for quite sometime now. I was so nervous, it's weird putting your thoughts, feeling, ideas and adventures out there where others might see them, but life is moving so quickly these days, I feel like if I can just write bits of it down it might help to slow it a bit. Here's to hopin.


  1. I'm glad you started it. I love how you can get to know people so much better through reading their blogs because you get real thoughts and a glimpse into their lives. Plus, I've found it gives a little more purpose to my every day because I live life looking for the noteworthy things I can post about.

    I hope you keep it up!

  2. Thanks Cous. It's a little akward but it's funny now I totally think while I'm going through my day, oh I should write about that... It's like an online journal. Which is good for me cause I hate writing on paper so I dont keep journals. Anywho thanks for the support!

  3. Yay! Welcome to blog world! I'll follow you. And I love blogging and hope you will too. I liked what you said about the inner strength everyone has. We don't know people's situations but we all have a story. So true. -Alicia